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Across the street from the govenor general's house's beautiful public gardens and complimenting their neighbours years of landscaping, our clients wanted to have their landscape reflect the gardens around them while expressing their own experiences. Having lived in South-East Asia for several years we put together a landscape that would allow them to reflect peacefully on those times while grounding them at their home in Victoria.

A frontyard garden having a natural esthetic and blending in with their neighbours landscape reveals a hidden water feature behind petruding bedrock as one walks into the property. Here a serene figure rests atop a water bowl whose river of colourful stones leads one towards the backyard. Along the pathway one is shaded by tall columnar cherries and are brought to an open backyard of newly installed artificial turf to make maintenance with their dog easier and headed by another water feature along a laurel hedge that trickles with the sounds of water that may bring a sense of peace.

Lighting was installed underneath the trees and throughout the gardens to accentuate particular features and "light the way in the darkness" .

Project Gallery

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