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Alston Passive House

The Alston home was created as a passive house for a couple who were moving from a character house wanting a place that would be their forever home with minimal maintenance. This desire was carried out from the design of the house to the landscape. Other than a small patio and pathway to the basement the property is fully permeable featuring permeable pavers and rain gardens to catch rainwater run-off from the roof of the house.

Being garden lovers several large raised garden beds were created to accomadate this deep passion and designed make the best use of the space where summer sun would still be accessible. From the concrete patio a flagged stone pathway takes one along and through the garden allowing one to slow down and enjoy the space around them. The path takes them along a rain garden that runs along the deck which wraps around the house, and leads one to a flagstone seating area dubbed "the ampitheatre" by the home owners where there can enjoy their breakfast in the early summer sun.

The front of the home features a sloped landscape which is supported by large boulders between the house and the retaining wall. New plants brought in blend with plants from the couples previous property next door that were able to be transplanted creating a sense of familiarity with the new.

Project Gallery

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